Kaelble Z6W2A 130

Kaelble Z6W2A 130 - Heavy load tractor for the WWII German Army.

Note: I would like to have url references to provide more insight into this relatively obscure vehicle, even though Kaelble made several hundred for the Germany army there isn't a lot of 'net based information available.

I've finally taken the time to put together a page for this model, the Kaelble Z6W2A 130. This was Jochen Maier's pet project it seemed to me. When I reconnected with him shortly after moving to me present home in 1990 he began telling me of his new project, he apparently had begun work on it some while after stopping the sales of him original 1/10 scale Panther A. At this time the 'net as we know it had not really blossomed and he didn't yet have a presence there and the information was limited to faxed copies of photos of the original. It wasn't until I visited Jochen on a trip to Germany in 1996 that I had the chance to see his protoype model. At that time we struck a bargain where I was to purchase a model from him at a 'friend's price' ( which was still quite a bit) however later neccessary work on my home precluded this. As often is the case way led on to way and we never revisited this and the opportunity passed. When Jochen sold his buisness later prices increased pushing the model quite a way beyond my comfort level. I later placed a 'wanted' post on a German armor forum and that turned up, ultimately 3 machines in various states but none nearly complete. Two were 'standmodell' or staic versions without mechanics and the third having a functional drive. I was able to get Jurgen Stehr to upgrade the rear axles to functional state on the first of the static models and I was able to making a functional 'diesel' engine in the same manner as sold by Hr Stehr using tandem 540 class electric motors. Below is a list of what I have thus far.

  1. Static Kaelble Z6W2A complete with fully finished Schwerlast Anh�nger Typ R 80 II ( Culemeyer ) - 'lowboy' trailer.
  2. Static Kaelble Z6W2A with kit version of Schwerlast Anh�nger Typ R 80 II ( Culemeyer ) - 'lowboy' trailer.
  3. Functionally complete(?) Kaelble Z6W2A without rear upper body and winch.

What follows will detail my work with these models. Since these are still sold by Jurgen Stehr I wish to say that any parts I may make for these are for my own use only and while I am willing to share technical knowledge gained in working with these models I am not at this time willing to sell any parts made by me which are in conflict with original work by Mr Stehr.

Two photos to start off, I'll replace these. Everytime I start a new project I have that feeling of being at the base of a new mountain looking up the side; there's a ways to go. No, I've not given up on my other projects, rather they're awaiting parts, creative urges, insights.... you know- all that jazz. Give up, never! As you recall I started a project on two other King Tigers but other things popped up with that and I gollowed a different path for a while when I thought I might be getting involved in a joint parts project but that seems unlikely now. I can work in tandem. Several of my projects have been waiting on parts or ways /means of getting/making parts to higher standards than in the past so some projects get streetched out. These Kaelble trucks will very likely be 'filler' projects and very likely they themselves will be temporarily suspended while I work out getting parts or how to make some items. The Kaelble trucks have the benefit of being electric, removing an entire layer of consideration I face in many of my glow powered tanks. In the final analysis if I want to continually engaged with a model project I have them, I'll likely never run out of things to do.... Jerry 02/22/2019

I'm busy cutting .080"(~2mm) and .125" (3mm+) aluminum sheet for the rear body of two of my trucks. Probably one of the messiest operations I've done as I'm using a Worm drive skill saw to cut the rough sized pieces/strips from a much larger sheet then using a small dremel table saw with a very efficient carbide tipped 48 tooth blade to make the smaller pieces. Messy in the extreme and I'm obliged to use both a face sheild and mask. I'm nearing completion on the first pass through the parts; next will be to make holes, openings and other facilities on the cut parts. Stehr( and perhaps Maier began this??) has made milled channels on his body parts with the intent, I'm assuming, that the parts be bonded together with an advanced adhesive. I'm not going to do that. I plan to butt my parts to each other end to surface and fasten them together with small aluminum angle and 2mm flat head stainless screws. Wherever the screw heads are visible I intend to conceal them with either a strong bonding filler or JB weld. I rather like the possibility of being able to disassemble the parts in the event of modification or repairs. I have to make my body parts smaller in those dimensions which depended on the slotted joints as I'm not using them.. Hoping it will all work well. Jerry 03/02/2019

I'm really wanting to be done with making the aluminum sheet body parts. Cutting out the parts, there are at least 21 pieces for each body super structure is about the messiest function I've had to do. I don't like it and if I could have purchased these parts easily I would have. While the major part of the work is done there's cutouts, holes and alignment slots to cut. I may have already said the original appears to have been designed to be glued together, to a greater extent something I'm hoping to avoid. Still I'm going to try cuting the alignment slots with my dremel table saw. It has zero issues cutting the .080" and .125" thickness aluminum; the carbide blade I purchased cuts it like butter but the mess is over the top. I have aluminum sawdust everywhere and I've been using a mask everytime I cut. I don't expect to have issues cutting the alignment slots that I want I just don't want to have to cut them! I think I can get away with just a few 'strategic' cuts, at least so I'm hoping... Below are photos of trial fitting of a few plates held together with cellophane packaging tape; the parts sag out of alignment quickly but gives an idea of how things begin to take shape. I'm not sure what the original owner of this Kaelble had planned for it and I've been forced to remove the servos they had mounted to operate the transmission and differentials as the body plates would not fit over their implementation. I will relocate the servos whe the body is complete. Jerry 03/04/2019

The rear superstructure/body is coming along nicely. I find using the aluminum angle with 2mm stainless steel flathead screws is working very well and is actually proceeding faster than I thought. As these pieces are copies of those that were intended to be assembled differently some fitting and adjust needs to be done but so far this hasn't been significant. Working with the thin material (~2mm) is actually refreshing, Jerry 03/06/2019

Mounted the front plate and partially the two longitudinal separators. I didn't use my usual aluminum angle as it would be relatively unsigghtly in this location. This will also be the case with other parts of the body that are fully or partially exposed. I decided the rivet in thin brass angles,one on either side of the part it is to hold however I do not fasten the held plate to these anles rather they provide a channel in which the plate may be slid into. I'll take a close up later but this also affords the ability to take out the internal member. I beleive all of them may be held in this way with some being held by mutual support and securely. More to follow. Jerry 03/07/2019.