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Just so you know beforehand...... These models you will see are powered by 2 or 4 cycle glow engines, not miniature Maybach HL230 V12 engines. They will never sound like they are powered by Maybach V12 engines! So if you are expecting artificial sounds and smoke such as may be seen with the glut of electric powered models in 1/16, 1/8 and 1/6 scales (among others ) you will be disappointed. The sounds and exhaust you will see are the product of running not some canned disproportionate simulation. Some among you may find these sounds objectionable; especially if you expected the simulated sound of a Maybach HL230 V12 eminating from a tinny sounding speaker! Just so you know beforehand...

Panther A video 2

The video just above was made 03/11/2012. In it I show the corrected proper steering; previously I could only make left turns. As it turns out the old servo was failing along with its deteriorating plastic mount. I replaced the entire assembly with a new Savox 1256 TG and properly made aluminum mount. As may be seen the steering is corrected. I also began this video with the tank at rest. I start the engine using the self starter and proceed to run the model shifting between 1st and reverse gear then from 1st to 2nd and back. Jerry

Panther A video

Hetzer Video ( how I managed to misspell 'Hetzer' not once but twice in the titles is beyond me )

Hetzer Gearbox test

Older Maier Gearbox test run

Panther F engine Test

Kaelble truck 3 video, integration test of both rear axles, lockers engaged, transmission (3rd gear) and functional but incomplete diesel motor as described above.

Tiger I run

As the subtext to the video explains this model is a product of the 1970s. The manufacturer as we know them, and I've never been 100% certain regarding the name is simply "Seiki". So this then is a Seiki made Tiger I. The firm is long gone, as I understand it it was a small concern who really only sold their products to the Japanese domestic market. As the story goes one of the principals made a bad decision regarding a certain item made in their shop which ultimately led to the dissolution of their firm; quite unfortunate.

I acquired the example shown here around 1980 making it the 5th oldest tank in my collection ( the oldest being a Bandai Hummel I bought new in 1974). I still runs very well but I need to tune the transmission.

This particular example ( I have 3) is powered by an Enya 45xtv engine. It has a quite noisy but effective self starter that uses a large ratchet and pawl arrangement to effect starting; again rather noisy but it works quite well. The transmission is a single speed forward and reverse geared hybrid braked dual differential which is extremely smooth in operation. This example uses a type of conical brake but later forms use disk brakes. The engine is cooled by a really large sirocco fan, the cooling air from which is ducted neatly around the engine head.

As you no doubt see the detail is not good but is in keeping with the time it was made. The dimensions of the basic hull are actually pretty good. My plans this and the others, one day are to change to a more scale track, revise the wheels and add appropriate detail where warranted. Flat out the model does run a bit fast for my current tastes but one has the ability to just not run fast! The non scale coarse pitch track makes turns at low speed troublesome where ever they can really bite into the ground...

In Seiki's heyday receiving one of these kits, a friend helped me get a dozen from Japan that I sold in the early to mid 1980s was really an event. They were very neatly packed with all the tools you needed as well as lubricants. It was very common to get a post type calendar or other materials with the model. Every part was extremely well thought out and very sturdy.

There were electric versions ( sold in Germany under the name Engel ) but mostly they made gas/ glow ( 'nitro' in today's gibberish) versions. I have a rare factory video of an experimental version powered by twin Saito .30 4 cycles and of a 1/8 scale Sd Kfz 251 half track which used a much smaller version of the same transmission

Remote Camera video from Panther Run

I used a small ( Swann Brand ) video trnsmitter to send back video from my Panther. The receiver was attached to my pc via a video capture unit. The video did have some interference however I've not sure what the source was. The tank was still on 76Mhz and the video was 2,4Ghz. It was an interesting exercise although I did not use the video link to operate the model just to capture the 'experience'. The same effect may be had now with a 20 dollar 'gum pack' camera...

Once upon a time...

...when we were on television. A video from the old Screen Savers TV show when the late Fred Dorn and I ran our models. This is the second part of two; they spilt the video into show and tell; then run; this is the run part. As I recall this was made sround 2002..


1/6 scale projects

Armortek 1/6 M3 Lee !