A tale of Four

....these models will be heavy....

Row or four

I've decided to start a new page to cover the work on my family of King Tigers and 1 JagdTiger. This will be a similar format to what I did with the Panzer IIIs I worked on previously. The same reason I work on those models is in force here: over the years I'vge collected parts to make up 2 additional King Tigers and also a Jagd Tiger. The JagdTiger is mostly from Christian Ludwig. As with the Panzer III models there will be a need to make mulutiples of parts to satisfy the requirements of the three additional models but unlike the Panzer III effort my original King Tiger is much further developed than was my original SutG III. I had actually run my King Tiger in itinitial tests. I may make upgrades to it but as it sat I was generally fairly happy with it. I'd worked on it when I had begun to incorporate finer detail into my models so while it isn't perfect in all aspects it is generally as good as I want it to be for now. It is a question of bringing up the other three to a further state of development. As my original King Tiger is covered in detail in its own page I will not cover those details here.

I will add information regarding the JagdTiger as I organize the models themselves. As might me envisioned 4 King Tiger sized models are challenging to stage in the same area!

I'm not stopping work on my Kaelble trucks but rather this time I will be 'time slicing' between the two projects. Jerry 06/28/2019

I've set in a photo and written a description about each of the 3 models in the photo below.

From left to right looking at the fronts.

Tiger II far left- possibly original Veroma model? Hull 'bones are" ok. Very heavy lower, beefy, thin upper deck, it's usable. Turret, beefy casting with molded details which I will remove in favor of self made detail parts, gun mantlet to be replaced, same with rear engine deck, all plastic, to be replaced. Rear of tank, exhaust pipes, to be replaced. Road wheels appear salvageable however sprockets, idlers to be replaced. Torsion system possible to see reuse. Tracks- plus here, it is a set similar to Geisswerk's bronze set, very nice and the selling point for me to buy this. No drive system, may install Maier 3 speed. I already made a repair to the front lower hull plate to replace sections cut out by some previous owner, awful. Contour of lower hull ends need attention.

Tiger II center- also possibly original Veroma model? Never have seen one I'm only speculating. I knew they were typical 1970s beefy, poorly detailed sorts. I looked for the quality of the 'bones' sparing me from making the big stuff. Very heavy lower hull, upper hull using Maier- like casting, turret ( not shown) also heavy casting but this the model I want to use pre-prod turret on. Track is very nicely cast aluminum but very much not to scale, pitch too course- to be replaced. Road wheels/ suspension likely to be reused but sprockets and idler to be replaced. Engine deck rear plate - plastic- details to be replaced. Has electric drive, untested. Contour of lower hull ends need attention.

Tiger II right side - my scratch build. Years in the making, too many years. I need to finish this. Fully functional, runs with Maier 3 speed transmission. Needs details and fender side / front fenders, paint. I'll likely replace main gun tube as it's far too heavy.