I've started my aluminum casting operation again! What follows are a series of photos I made of my first casting session in about 6-7(?) years. I recently started work on my long dormant JagdPanther and the rear deck was all wrong for a late version. In particular the " S " grates were the earlier Panther version: wider and with more bars. I decided I just couldn't abide that and they had to go. Soooo I made a pattern from brass of my interpretation of the grate ( I say MY interpretation as it seems difficult to find a real good photo of these things). I make no claim to being 100% scale faithful; just close to make me happy. There are a series of photos below about this session ( this evening 10/11/2004 ) and as I add more to it for other castings I'll probably eventually move it out to its own sub page in keeping with my current process. For now thanks for reading and enjoy. Jerry.

Initial Mold - open with sprue and risers cut into sand.

Initial Mold - closed showing risers and pouring bowl cut into sand. Original pattern is leaning against flask.

Poured Mold - closed- showing sloppy first pour- hey I hadn't in a long time!

Poured Mold - open showing first casting.

First casting from new pattern- success, sorry for fuzzy photo. Parts such as these are difficult to photograph ecept outdoors or with bright light. I will make a better one however I was very pleased with this first part! Stay tuned..

Christmas Time it's Christmas Time! Just like when I was a kid opening up up my presents on Christmas day! Always a pleasure when you crack open those flasks and all those shiny new parts stare back at you!! I love my round grate; difficult to set up the mold but it's a pretty sight in the sand....!! ..

Pouring a Panther turret- great on a cold day! 01/15/2004

Looks like a keeper from here. 01/15/2004

Since I started this I also began work on a SturmTiger, or rather parts I've had for one and my own Panther G. I reasoned since I was on a roll with casting I might as well do some of the parts I need to advance the other projects as well. It's why everything takes me so long! Siiiiigh. Jerry 5/21/2005