This is a Panther Coellian experimental FlaKPanzer in 1:10 scale, weight 54 pounds aluminum, steel and brass. The model is equipped with dual electric motors ( 12v). The model was built by Franz Pracht about 4-5 years ago. It is a rare model as he only made a few, 2-3 that I know of and then stopped production of all his models. This photo is of Hr Pracht's built up and I have a another in my collection which I am just now fitting together. The turret revolves and the the twin 37mm Flaks elevate; the stereoscopic sight on the turret roof elevates in sync with the 37s and on the left upper hull side is a storage bin with two spare barrels. It is made on a D type hull as you can see from the MG flap type opening. An interesting model disliked by some purists as they say if it didn't really see production it has no value. I beg to differ!

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