This page will be devoted to my work with models smaller than 1/10. My very first powered tank model as I recall was a 1/35 scale German Kanone or possibly a JagdTiger either of which was a Tamiya kit. I next moved up to Tamiya the 1/25 scale models. the Panther A, JagdPanther, Tiger I and SU -100 were among those I worked with. While I didn't have access to any suitable RC equipment or proper transimissions to make them RC in the early 1970s I enjoyed running them as delivered with the single shaft noisy units the kits came with. I recall making modifications to the final drives to make them more robust. I also had at this time Bandai's Panther G and Porsche turreted King Tiger. Next came the Bandai 1/15 Scale Hummeland afterwards the Panzer IV F2 which I modified to a later verion with a proper brake for the cannon.Somewhere in the mid 1970s came the Tamiya 1/16 scale Sherman, a land mark kit. This was followed by the 1/15 Bandai Tiger I and the 1/16 Imai Elefant which was the height of scale models at the time. All of the 1/15 - 1/16 I still have and just one of my original 1/25 models. I really liked 1/25 as a tank scale. In 1976 came my first 1/10 Panther but I've maintained and enjoyed the 1/16 scale( collective with 1/15) along side of the larger scale although not with the same level of involvement ever since.

Smaller scales generally being electric powered are world apart in mechanical complexity but also don't require but a fraction of the maintenence or their large glow powered bethren. No noise, by comparison and are nearly charge and go types in many instances. Alot to be said for that. So I maintain a considerable number of 1/16 scale models. Tamiya, Bandai ( although these are mostly retired ), Heng Long, Wusan, Hooben and Matorro are all to be found in my collection. The toy like Heng Lows and the like are ripe for improving and by swapping out sigificant parts the Panzer III for example, my favorite, works up into quite a nice combat ready tank model

I'm starting this update almost exactly the way I ended the Imai Elefant page...I'm almost ready to take a short break from my 1/10 scale projects. I've been casting and/or machining parts nearly constantly for the last 3-4 years. I've quite the backlog of projects here and I really do believe it would be a nice break. Even as kits go I can't really make anything as intended or 'out of the box' strictly speaking so we'll see how far I get. I won't replicate all of my last statement from the other page but rather I'll suggest you take a peek at a letter I received a long while back when I wrote to Imai.... Jerry 09/04/2019

I have a few lingering projects from years past. I have an original Tamiya King Tiger that I ran for years as just a tank with no 'special effects' and no combat capability. I began a conversion but it got bogged down and I went back to my 1/10 projects. Same with my very first Tamiya 1/16 model the original $99 Sherman complete with clutched gearbox- a very tough gearbox at that. The model was always slow and deliberate and a joy to operate. I could drive it through the eye of a needle as it was simple and responded well to controls. In spite of this I want to complete the upgrades to these. I'm hoping I can stick with them. We have no operable club here any longer so combat possibilities are remote- still I want all my 1/16 to be combat capable. I'm going to run efforts concurrently so I'll still be working on some 1/10 but I do want to make headway on my 1/16... Jerry 09/04/2019

While I'm rebuilding my general information page I'm provideing a direct link to one of the more popular sub pages - the One specific to the Imai Elefant... and now will include comparisons to the Hooben and Asiatam offerings..02/25/2012

A legendary model: The Imai 1/16 scale Elefant!. 09/04/2019
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