A herd of PzKw III!

I've been away far too long. I can't tell you the unexpected events that have occured in the last 3 years! Ups, downs, routine, joy, sorrow, confusion, clarity, fear, bravery, persistence, and stubborness. Through it all I've not lost my joy at being involved with one of the most facinating aspects of radio control!

My involvement with panzer III types began nearly 27 years ago before I moved to my current home and decided I wanted a StuG III, a later type. Once I built the basic model I've not touched it since. Over the years I've collected the makings to 4 additional Pz III type models. The total beginning with my own scratch built which I've listed below:

It's not like I don't have anything else to do! My other projects detailed on this site are not exactly finished! However it is more out of fear that if I don't move these forward there's the real danger of misplacing critical small parts. Make no mistake.. to finish 5 models or even to get them on their own tracks will be daunting...even my own scratch built will be reworked somewhat. The first order of business is to make/ or remake all 5 hulls as strongly and as uniformly as possible, much of the models I purchased in Germany ( ebay) were expoxied together - that has to go. I alsdo spent a goodly amout of time cleaning up 140 Pz III wheels casting I have in order to begin assembling them PLUS I made two rubber tire molds.. ....that's all for now... more to follow soon.05/28/2016. Jerry

Pz III parade.JPG