1/16 scale kits for sale!!
1/16 scale kits for sale!!

1/16 scale kits for sale!!


1/16 scale kits for sale!!

1/16 scale kits for sale!!


All of these are 1/16 scale kits; are nib, no work has ever started on any of them. Most are sealed in their shrink wrap or sealed in their original shipping container as delivered. All Asiatam items are as delivered.

PLEASE NOTE- If you are paying via PayPal: Ensure that the amount I receive is the amount we agree on AFTER PayPal fees are subtracted!! Also I've been finding for UPS in particular that their cost estimation is off in some cases as much as 50% - I've sent items anyway hoping the buyer would at least split the additional cost. This did not happen in at least one instance so going forward if I find the funds sent are short either due to postage cost or fees I'll NOT send an item until I either get the full agree amount and whatever costs are to cover the postage method you choose or I will refund your entire payment. I apologize to those of you who have gone the extra distance to cover all costs - this surely does not include you; I appreciate your honesty and integrity- I like to function in kind. I generally find that fellow modelers are a pretty fair, mellow lot and have few issues. All it takes is a few bad apples...

What follows is important so read it and understand!

11/15/2022 Blanket policy change: If you don't ensure I have the amount we agree on I won't send anything out; ENSURE YOU COVER PAYPAL FEES OR SEND "FRIENDS AND FAMILY". I'm not a business- paypal fees come off the top. ALSO and NOTE THIS- The estimates given by UPS and USPS are not accurate! If I go to send your item and the amount for postage is insufficient I WILL NOT SEND YOUR ITEM UNTIL I HAVE THE CORRECT POSTAGE AMOUNT. I've been stiffed too many times already trusting that buyers will do the right thing but they have not. Conversely I will refund any excess postage. No arguing this point. I always send a photo of the receipt for postage so all buyers know exactly what I paid. additionally where needed if I have to purchase a sturdier outer box to protect an item which never had one I will pass that charge along. Again I'm not a business and all these costs add up. No apologies but there it is.

Note** Be sure to refresh this page as I do update it from time to time. ** 05/28/2024

Note** Also Know that all kits are as I've stated and I will do my best to either use original packing or pack them as well as I am able. All items are sold as is. Insurance is highly recommednded. **

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All 4 T-34 (static) variants $115   $80 per kit ***Note new lower price!!***
Elefant $480 ***Sold ***
Porsche Tiger ( Porsche lower with Tiger I turret) $475
Famo SdKfz 9 half track $650 ***Sold***
Maultier $440.00
Several opel Blitz/variants (write for specifics- these are the basic truck and one or two additional bodies such as a radio or ambulance rear body shell)
Elefant (2 kits, have bearing and barrel upgrades, somewhere...) $325.00 *** Both Kits SOLD***
T-55 kit - first release. $$290   $200 ***Note lower Price!!**
Metal Origin/Andrew Design
Puma Armored car (3 kits) $850/ kit   $700/kit **Note lower price!***
Sdkfz 2 Kettenkrad $325.00 *** SOLD***
M16 half track (2) $300/kit *** 1 SOLD ***
Tamiya - unless specified all sealed in shipping boxes and I will not open them -none have any visible damage
Panther $875 *** SOLD***
King Tiger "Porsche Turret" *** Static Model** Kit #36201 $400   $300 sealed in original shrinkwrap - no original outer shipping box. **Note lower price!***
JagdPanther $925 ***Sold***
Tiger I $850
KV-1 $800 ***Sold***
KV-II $800
JS-II $930 ***Sold***
JS-II DKLMRC Stainless steel track set for JS-II $210
Panzer IV $875 *** SOLD***
JagdPanzer IV L70 $935
Sherman $750 ***Sold***
"Project" Sherman -***Sold*** This was an old Tamiya 'computer' Sherman from the '70s. I sealed up the rear of the lower hull and was going to make new suspension parts for it. I was to use a 76mm 'cast' (resin turret) and I installed a modified original version I Sherman gearbox modified to use separate motors per/track. Needs a lot of TLC. I have located the barrel, and other parts for this model, every thing is there including a rtv mold I made to cast resin caps for all the wheels. I don't have tracks for it but I'll throw in everything I have for it $60 ***Sold***
Other Tamiya kits
Mercedes 1850L 1/14 kit # 56307 New, unbuilt kit. NIB 700.00
NIB Elefant Kit (sans instructions however I will provide a copy) $2900   $2650 *** Note lower price!!!***
NIB ( never opened) All metal Tiger I $2825

All these kits have been carefully stored as new. Extremely long time RCU member and model armor enthusiast. My primary scales are 1/10 and 1/6 s these are excess to my needs however I've been an avid collector. I know the value of most of these so if you're looking for rock bottom prices you won't find them here however I am willing to negotiate for multiple items. Any prices quoted will not include postage, packing and insurance (absolute requirement) if needed but you are welcome to come and pick them up. I prefer not to send outside of continental US. Apologies if your reached out and I've been silent- there has been much going on lately. Except for the Tamiya kits, Aeromate and Punas I need to locate suitable boxes as requests come in- no mean task for most of these are large. If you can come by to pick them up you save postage.

Also for any tracked kit that doesn't have electronics I'll include a free IBU2 Base unit.

Asiatam kits are often packaged in that very annoying styrofoam sheet that makes little styro 'grains' go everywhere so I'm hesitant to do any further uppacking unless someone is on the hook (like they're already sent $$) to buying one of these and simply must see it. I think that kind of annoying styrofoam show be banned...

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"project Sherman -ex-Tamiya Computer tank from late 1970s" Can't find the 76mm gun barrel- I began fitting 5mm bearings to the road wheels and I was intending to replace the axles shafts with proper steel shaft rod. Project abandoned years ago. Two turrets - one resin old Mike Macauley resin cast. That should tell you how old this is. Jerry