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Radio Control Large Scale Military Vehicle Modeling

Large scale Radio Control Tanks and Military Vehicles. My name is Jerry Carducci. That is what this page is about. Nothing else. I intend this to be a source and place of exchange for technical, artistic and general information pertaining to the construction, planning and operation of large scale radio control military vehicle models and static large scale armor subjects of exceptional quality; primarily but not limited to tanks. Note that I am trying to use the notation 1/10 uniformly across these pages as I've found it is more common ( in my experience) globally to use 1/10 rather than 1:10 however either is good for me.

It's no secret:I've finally embraced 1/6 scale and as you will see I have decided to separate the majot projects I've done into three main sections or libraries: 1/10, 1/6 and 1/16 although the latter isn't my most active scale- I still like it and have quite a number of them. Jerry

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"Pete! Ground and air forces united"

It took me a while to get over losing little Oliver but after a time Pete joined my flock and as all Parrotlets are he is a character. Not sure he's thrilled to be on the M3 but he is, at times quite patient with me. As all of my avaian friends he is fully flighted so he's sitting there because he's reasonably at ease...

Updated 10/15/2023

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I would be remiss if I did not give two of my suppliers credit here.

The first is simply the best. MVD Modellbauschrauben.

Simply put I would be lost without them! I have used their superb hex nuts and bolts heavily on three projects since I discovered them: My Kaelble Z6W2A 130 trucks, my M3 Lee and my concurrent Maier-Klingeberger Panther A rebuild. Their products are first rate, their customer care and speed with which they dispatch an order is the best I've seen. I can't thank them enough or over rate them...


The next is Jürgen Stehr Modellbau for the superb castellated nuts (kronenmuttern) I used on the front transmission housing. These are 3mm thread pitch and steel and he has others. I love these things! I plan shortly to order another quantity of these because I've not found anyone else anywhere who offers anything like them in steel...


In an attempt to further streamline the loading of the AGW main page I have begun the process of moving my individual project pages to their own sub section based on scale. 1/10 is the vast majority but I have begun a 1/6 scale section as well.


1/6 scale project library

Updated 10/15/2023


1/10 scale project library

Updated 10/30/2021


1/16 scale project library

Updated 08/06/2021


In an attempt to reduce the throughput overhead by dragging down photos on the index page I've moved all of the gearbox photos and information to their own page so click the link below to access it. Since the gearbox page has grown so much I've decided to split into two pages to conserve bandwidth. Thanks and enjoy. Jerry.

Original Gearbox information page and photos

Gearbox information and photos Part 2---UPDATED 10/27/2019!!!!

I've moved photo progression and discussion of my casting work to its own page; check on in on this also once in a while as I decide just what I'll do next... Thanks again and enjoy. Jerry.

Casting sparks and smoke...




I'm trying to rejuvinate my old general information page so I'm including the link here. Please be patient as I repair old broken links....04/30/2011

More photos, links and past newsletters.

Newest members of the tank shed!

...And one of the most unusual....

This photo shows a 1/10 scale Panzer II J. Also built by Nils Herman, this is a rare bird in real life, not many built.....

"Mutt and Jeff"

This photo shows the huge size difference between my self made 1/10 model of the King Tiger and Nils' 1/10 PzKw1. I recognize they are worlds and years apart but it was more than that...they were a war apart.



Attention! I'm trying to thin out the resources on this site to stay within the storage limits and while in progress some image links may become broken. I really need to make some of the more dense images lighter. If there is something that stays broken ( meaning I forgot to fix it ) please let me know. Your patience is appreciated. Jerry


NEW! Links Page!!!

I'm in the process of revamping some of the older pages I displayed here. Much of the information is seriously out of date, links missing and just run down. So rather than cluttering the page with questionable information I will revise it and re-post it at a later time.

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+ To My Dad + It has been so many years and I still miss you and mom...

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International Guild of Model  Engineers

Sadly I don't know what has become of the International Guild of Model Engineers but I will keep the reference here as a it is in keeping with the engineering flavor of what I try to do and of this site. While rebuilding this site I tried to track down the references I had for the guild but alas they led nowhere. Jerry 10/22/2009

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