This is a shot of the Sankyo Type 61 MBT in 1:8 scale. It is about as big and heavy ( 113lbs/56kg) as I would like and just about the practical limit if you like to keep your models in your house/apartment. The model is alarming to run being fairly loud and quick for the size. It is powered by a Zenoah 23cc gas engine. I run it on a m 1:35 mix of Redline engine oil to regular gasoline. This model has the ability to turn in its own length. This model has not been modified in any way since taking it from the crate. I've been asked to put something in for size comparison so here I am. Yes I AM smiling but it was darn hot!

Here, above, you see a photo of the inside of the Type 61. The transmission, engine and clutch are readily apparent. A unique feature of this version is it has an on board charger for the battery, a nifty feature.

The next few shots are of the Sankyo Type 74 in 1:10 scale.

Shown for comparison are a 1:35 U.S. Halftrack and 1:25 Tamiya Panther A ( one of my first running Models!)

here you may see my type 74 in a later more highly modified state. All hatches function, new sprockets as well as an infra red projector attached to the mantlet as per the prototype which in this case houses a small video camera.

This model has been modified substantially from original. Modifications; external are new sprocket external halves; roadwheel lugnut details; 'hubcaps', turret and driver's hatches made to function; turret racks and optical equipment. Internal mods are; OS Surpass .48; CD ignition; self starter; temperature gauge; functional exhaust stack ( left side). This model uses 50/50 glow fuel gasoline with Redline and is very reliable on this fuel. This a great model for a beginner as it works really well right out of the box, may be converted to electric power easily if desired ( recommended actually), and as a 1/10 model it provides sufficient canvas to go wild with 'super detailing' if one wishes.

1:10 Japanese Type 74 making a run in open country in the desert lands (backyard!).

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