Here are more photos of 1:10 models with descriptions. Click on the one you wish to see. These will be changed from time to time and to conserve space some will be removed altogether.

Photo References:


Per Sonnervik's 1/8 King Tiger II
Panther Coellian Flak
MaierModellbau's Kaeble Z6W2A
Sankyo Japanese Types 61 and 74
A legendary Model: The IMAI 1:16 Porsche Elefant
Jochen Maier's Kaeble Z6W2A
Jochen Maier's Kaeble Z6W2A, Panther and Tieflader
Jochen Maier's Tieflader

The first photo is a view loading one of his original Panther model A 1:10 models ( sadly long out of production); driving off with the loaded Panther and lastly a close up of the Tieflader- transport trailer (lowboy), without the hardwood decking mounted. The Kaeble is available ( 6 month + delivery) and the Tieflader is in the works.... I have somewhere additional photos of the Kaeble in German Army colors. Quite a model! Since I wrote this I was able to buy a complete Tieflader and a static Kaelble which I'm hoping to make live in some form one day.

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